What is included?

Most food, all accommodation while on tour, and transport between locations within Kenya are included (price does not inc international flights). Please contact us for a direct quote for details.

Which meals are included;

While on safari all meals inc but not drinks

While in Niarobi we operate as bed and breakfast, to allow people to enjoy eating out in the city

At Marthas Guest House – Half board, breakfast and dinner (lunch eating out while on excursions)

What is the accommodation like?

While on Safari or down by the coast, the lodges and resorts more than cater for modern needs (4* – 5* standards). We personally choose the lodges depending on season and your specific criteria to give you the best possible Kenyan experience.

Although the accommodation at Marthas Guest House is fairly basic, it does provide clean and necessary amenities. Please be aware though that in this part of Africa not all modern facilities are available yet – but our previous guests say that’s part of the charm when on an authentic tour.

Your outside private bathroom while on safari

Is there access to medical care?

There is access to good medical care throughout Kenya.

While staying at Marthas Guest House in the village we have access to international standard hospitals in the nearest city of Kisumu (such as Avenue Heathcare) in addition to and locally run hospitals only 20 minutes away

Niarobi has some excellent international standard hospitals and the Safari lodges we stay at all come with their own doctors

We strongly recommend making sure you take out  comprehensive insurance and carry this with you at all times as theses can also provide access to air ambulances

Avenue Hospital in Kisumu which incs: General Medical and Surgical wards, Burns and Isolation Unit, Private rooms, CT Scan, X-ray and ultrasound services, Pharmacy & Clinical laboratory services and Renal Dialysis Unit in addition to more.

What injections do I need?

For a list of all needed injections please talk to your local GP

Depending on your country of origin before Kenya, or countries recently visited you may need to carry additional certification (eg yellow fever vaccination card). Please check with your local government page 

Will I be able to use my phone to communicate with people at home?

Speak to your phone operator for roaming and rates abroad or data packages. If in doubt disable roaming before arriving and use only WIFI while in Kenya. Local sim cards are accessible if needed. However Wifi available in most hotels and clubs in Niarboi.

When travelling we also usually stop at coffee houses which have good wifi to use. Wifi in the village at Marthas Guest House in not guaranteed, however there are local hot spots in nearby towns if needed.

Can I give gifts to children? What if someone is begging?

We usually love to take out gift to give away, simple things such as pens and books are great choices to bring with you.

While in Nairobi you may find you are approached by people begging (inc children). We advice you do not give money, however you can choose to carry additional food such as biscuit or fruit. In our experience we found the food is often turned turn the beggars are sent out to be collecting money for a larger gang operation behind the scenes, we do not wish to encourage these scams.

Whist there is genuine poverty in Kenya, as a company we work closely with different charities to try and elevate this. We focus on education and empowerment by bring work to local communities.

In addition the fact that you are traveling with Kogelo tours means you are already contributing to our projects – click here for more detail on our projects

Do they speak English?

Kenya is multilingual country and English is broadly spoken. 
there are a total of 68 languages spoken in Kenya as each region will have its own dialect. However, the two official languages are Swahili and English. In more rural areas the level of English will be very varied. We always have someone on hand though who can talk the local dialect. 

What about Malaria?

Follow the advice from you GP and talk to them about suitable antimalarial tablets. Avoid mosquito bites by taking adequate precautions. Cover up with clothing such as long sleeves and long trousers, use insect repellents on exposed skin and sleep under a mosquito net. See our tips on preventing mosquito bites!

What’s the culture like? Are people friendly?

The Kenyas are very hospitable, warm and welcoming people!

In more rural areas you may feel that local people can seem apprehensive or shy, however, by giving them a simple smile and wave it will bring out their true friendly nature.

Waving and smiling is not only a welcome but also a sign of peace!

Is there access to food and clean water?

Bottle water is ready available throughout Kenya. However, it is really important to buy bottles that are sealed, never purchase any drink already opened. Staff will always open drinks in front of you.

It is worth noting that a foreign diet can cause a upset stomach, it sometimes take a bit of time to adjust

When eating out we will take you to well known trusted places we have used for many years. If you want to eat out alone then please take advice from Kogelo staff.

At Martha’s Guest House you can experience real local authentic home-cooked food. They take extreme care in cooking and preparing the food, making sure it is all fresh and sourced locally.

We do advise to avoid the street food and when buying fresh fruit be sure to get fruit with a skin and rise with own water or peel it.

How will we get around, what about transport?

Kogelo provides and looks after all transport needs while in Kenya

9 seater mini buses, 4 wheel drive, comfortable with come with air conditioning.

What visa do I need?

Visa is available upon entry. You can buy a single entry which will cover you for the duration of  your holiday in Kenya.

Prices vary but we will advise you before departure on current up to date price.

It is cash only for visa, they accept Euro, USD or GBP

Usually around $30 USD

How much money do I need to bring? Is there ATM access? 

We suggesting bringing your cash card with you and use the ATM within the country, ATMs are readily available throughout Kenya and take most major cards inc Visa and Mastercards

We also recommend bringing a small about of Kenya shillings with you upon arrival to use for immediate food or drink.

If you do not have access to an ATM card or prefer not to use one aboard then we suggest exchanging the money you wish to spend on extra meals and gifts before arriving in Kenya. You can check your local post office for rates.

Most expenses are included in your tour price however common items will cost you approximately;

Bottle of water: 50p

Print of beer less than: £2

Average meal out in good quality restaurant: £7-12

How do I get through the Airport and immigration?

When possible Kogelo tours will meet you inside of immigration and assist you through the visa process if not within arrivals.

As you are arriving in hot climate, have some extra light clothes to change into before leaving plane. The airport can get quite hot and you will probably be waiting in a queue!

Whilst we will assist you, it does take time to clear immigration as it works on a paper system – so you may also want to pack some snacks in your carry on.

We can also assist if you are transferring through.

What seasons is the best to come? What will the weather be like?

The dry seasons in Kenya are generally from mid-June to October, and from late-December to mid-March, and game-viewing is best at these times.

Temperatures and humidity are affected by altitude but it is generally warm to hot throughout the year. please note it is always much more humid and hot near the coast.

Day averages about 28c (slightly higher from October to March) and evenings are cooler – especially in the highlands (Tea Plantations, Mount Kenya). On the coast, temperatures are high year round (averaging around 30C).

The wildebeest and zebra migration season in the Masai Mara is from mid-July to late October.

As Kenya lies on the equator it gets light around 6am and dark early at 6pm. Seasonly there isn’t much change in this.

Usually even during the rainy season there will be long periods of dry sunny weather. Most days there will be heavy rains in the afternoon for a few hours and then usually bright skies again after. This time of year also makes for spectacular thunder storms!

What To Pack

See our post on what to pack 

Please contact us if you have any further questions or wish to book a trip, we are always happy to help!