What To Pack For A Trip To Kenya With Kogelo Tours



1. Personal Documents 

Okay make sure you don’t forget any of these otherwise you may not even be allowed into the country.

Your Entry Visa – be sure to check this in advance with your embassy, some visa’s can take a while to process.

Vaccination Certificates – depending on what country you are coming from you may need to show vaccination certificates such as Yellow Fever.

Insurance Details – always a good idea to carry this on you, you don’t want to be worrying about this in a time when you actually need them!


2. Medication

Malaria Tablets – make sure you purchase these in advance from you local doctor or pharmacy

Personal Medication – check you have all the personal medication you to cover you whole trip, keep these in your carry on


3. Clothes

To prevent sunburn and to keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay its always best to bring long lightweight clothes of a light colour.

A few long sleeved lightweight shirts and trousers, comfortable breathable shoes and a decent hat are a must.

Trainers / walking shoes for the village or safari and the floor is uneven.

Light rain jacket


4. Toiletries 

Get yourself a decent insect repellant and a high factor suncream, especially for when you are out on safari in the sun.

Save space by buying shampoo, toilet paper and toothpaste upon arrival

Check out our 5 top tips for avoiding mosquitoes bites! 


5. Accessories

A Torch / Flashlight is great as sometimes the power in Kenya can go out!

Binoculars are a must if you are planning to go on safari, or visit the great lakes for bird watching.

A camera with a large zoom is a good option for photos, as you can get some fantastic wildlife shots. Digital ones are great as they are small and easy to fit in your pocket.



6. Luggage

Make sure you have a suitable case that is easy to carry around between locations. You will also want to have a separate easy to access day bag. The day bag should be easily secured and comfortable so you can look around the markets without worrying.

We would also suggest carrying a bumbag, or something more discrete, where you can keep larger amounts of cash.